Find answers to 'Can you work across two different departments in Walmart' from Walmart employees. But if you have past experience. . Some people have told me it's 6, others have said. Get answers to your biggest company questions on Indeed. 2) Senior Product Manager-Walmart Brands.

Can you transfer departments at walmart

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Can you switch departments at Walmart? Easy enough you just have to submit a request on your employee profile and if a position is available in that. 5) People Lead. Upload your resume. When can you transfer departments.

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Walmart’s employee transfer policy is for associates who have had six months or more of Walmart experience. There are certain roles in the store in which it would be very rare to do so, such as cashiers. Consider this as an opportunity to learn from each other and you will make a strong connection with the person and grow your network.

1 Send fees are the standard money transfer fees paid for Western Union transactions at Walmart locations.